Premier Executive


To open your Premier Executive account call us at 1-800-421-0607

VIATAS Premier Executive Service

VIATAS’s Premier Executive Service is a full service model designed for clients who want a comprehensive solution for their transportation needs. This service package goes the extra mile and is an excellent option for Corporate Executives, Dignitaries, Diplomats, Athletes and Entertainers.

Program Details

Our Premier Executive clients will receive the following superior quality and value added service package:

Premier Executive Driver

Premier Executive reservations are assigned to one of our Premier drivers. Premier drivers are our most experienced drivers who also meet the following criteria:

Late Model Vehicle of Choice

While we always maintain a late-model fleet of vehicles, our Premier Executive clients can rest assured that their vehicle of choice will be less than two years old and maintained to the highest standards. Each car undergoes regularly scheduled maintenance and is cleaned inside and out before each Premier Executive reservation. For more information on our fleet of vehicles, click here.

On-Board WiFi Hotspot

On-Board WiFi is an option for most of our services, however this is a Complimentary service included in every Premier Executive Reservation.