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Industries We Service

Ground transportation for your employees, clients and guests

In addition to providing excellent black car service to our customers, VIATAS works with a number of different industries from travel agencies to airlines in the Chicagoland area. We have provided our clients with:

  • Chicago airport shuttles for pilots and flight attendants to and from the airport
  • Pre and post-surgery limo transportation to ensure maximum comfort and safety for patients
  • Efficient booking process for multiple clients/trips using the same travel agency
  • Bus rentals for large corporate events or meetings
  • Convenient passenger pickup and drop off at FBOs/private aviation

Call us at 1-800-421-0607 to partner with us and book your next Chicago limo service!

Corporate Transportation

VIATAS provides transportation services to hundreds of corporate clients with locations around the world, integrating multiple reservations under the direction of a single account manager.


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Surgery Centers

VIATAS provides door-to-door non-emergency medical transportation services to surgery centers across the greater Chicagoland area.


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Limo Service to Chicago Hotels

VIATAS provides hundreds of hotels and their guests with safe, reliable, and professional transportation services any time of day or night.


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Private Aviation

VIATAS can ensure your clients arrive and depart as scheduled, and receive safe, reliable, and professional service from the leader in ground transportation.


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Travel Agencies

As a Travel Agent, we recognize you want to provide the highest level service for your clients and make sure your partners operate under those same standards.


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